Are You Ready to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever?

For those who accepted their 60-Day Mission Possible on or before January 20: You have until March 20 to complete this submission form. Click Here to Submit Your Progress

Winners will be announced in the M3 Facebook Group on March 30

The Vasayo M3 Movement is launching the 60-Day Mission Possible to help you achieve specific goals and live a healthy lifestyle. This ongoing program is easy for you to follow regardless of your current nutrition and fitness level and is led by Vasayo M3 Coaches Kevin & Emily Wilson, who have over two and a half decades’ experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. If you accept this Mission you will gain immediate access to...

  • Detailed mindset, meal, and motion plans specific to your goal to help you achieve your personal health objectives
  • Live weekly coaching with Kevin and Emily
  • Facebook group to become part of a like-minded community of support and encouragement
  • A roadmap toward teaching others how to live abundantly healthy lives alongside you
60-Day Mission Possible is the explosive jumpstart program you’ve been waiting for

2020 is over but the real challenges for many are just getting started. We learned all too well this past year that personal health is very important. The M3 Movement 60-Day Mission will provide the coaching you need to help you reach the success you desire and deserve.

You will be equipped with everything you need to reach your health goal, become your best self and achieve true personal success in 2021.

Some people will never accept the mission. However, should you choose to accept it... you will find all things are possible.

M3 Movement: Mindset-Meals-Motion
  • Get your head right so you can become your best self. Replace the lies you’ve been telling yourself about diets and failures by developing the right mindset 
  • Discover the Meal plan that coincides with your goal and provides you the best results 
  • Strengthen your health to thrive during times of crisis with easy and accessible Motion. No need to spend hours at the gym. You can build muscle and burn fat with simple home activities: walking, stretching, strength workouts
Accepting the 60-Day Mission Possible is as easy as 1-2-3
  • Step 1 - select a goal
  • Step 2 - purchase the suggested pack
  • Step 3 - join the Mission
If you are currently a Vasayo Brand Partner please fill out this form to accept the challenge.