What is the Vasayo M3 Movement?

The Vasayo M3 Movement helps people achieve healthy lifestyles. This ongoing program is easy for anyone to follow regardless of current nutrition and fitness level and is led by Vasayo Brand Partners Kevin & Emily Wilson, who have over two decades’ experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. M3 Movers & Shakers gain access to…

  • Detailed mindset, meals, and motion plans to help you achieve your personal health objectives
  • Fun and motivating weekly challenges, with prizes, designed to introduce practical, healthy behaviors into your daily routine
  • A roadmap toward teaching others how to live abundantly healthy lives alongside you

Break down and overcome the myths and limiting beliefs you hold about health and weight loss. Learn how to move past previous diet failures to set and conquer achievable goals.

The food you put in your body matters as it becomes your primary source of fuel. As an M3 Mover & Shaker, you’ll get simple meal plans (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) that work for you and your body.

Motion is easy and accessible. You don’t need to spend hours in a gym. You can build muscle and burn fat through simple home activities: walking, stretching, strength workouts, etc. Embracing all levels and abilities, we give you a motion plan that’s convenient, fun, and proven to work.

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