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Has a Vasayo product improved your life?

Cassandra M

V-Tox is the best detox product I have ever tried.

Michele Soria

Second Place Winner V-Slim Challenge – July 15, 2018

The only thing I changed was adding two healthy natural products to my daily life: V-Slim and V3. My passion is to inspire others to be their best, dream big, and believe dreams can and do come true. For me, I always wanted to hike Della Falls, which is considered to be the highest waterfall in Canada. After losing a lung to cancer, I thought this would not be possible. But, I never took it off my bucket list, and five months before my 50th birthday I did successfully hike to the top of Della Falls. Three years later, I could not lose the weight I was rapidly gaining—like 30 pounds in a year! What changed, I wondered? I suspected a slower metabolism, as I am aging, and my doctor could not find a medical reason. The V-Slim Challenge was the perfect answer for me. I noticed less cravings, improved energy, and my clothing sizes starting to drop. When someone asked me, “Are you happy? You look really happy,” my reply was, “Yes, I am 25-pounds-lighter happy!”

Nancy V

I initially started taking the Microlife Neuro Microcaps along with the Microlife Sleep Micromyst to have sound sleeps while also increasing my brain power. After only a few days I noticed a clarity or awareness of being well rested and feeling better overall.

Cari E.

"When someone asked me recently about how I feel about Vasayo Sleep, my response was, “Praise the Lord!” Vasayo Sleep has finally allowed me to get a restful night’s sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I’m so thankful for Vasayo products.”

Terri W.

“Thank you, Vasayo products, for benefiting me in so many ways! I am learning to play golf right now, and Renew is making a noticeable difference in how I feel with my post-exercise recovery. I’m experiencing tangible benefits with the comprehensive multivitamin and mineral product that is Core Essentials. And Neuro has really helped my memory, especially when it comes to recalling people’s names!”

Hillary S.

“I have been an advocate of supplements for quite some time—never actually feeling a difference—but knowing that the ‘insurance policy’ alone in taking them was worth it. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I feel it is my duty to spread awareness about farming and transportation practices that result in our foods being depleted of nutrients. Given that, however, I never expected the impact that Core Essentials would make on my life. I knew they would be better than most because of Vasayo’s Advanced Delivery Technology, but the results are even better than I imagined. I literally felt a difference by the end of day two. I had more energy, was happier, started sleeping better, and had more clarity of thought. In my opinion, this is the most incredible product to hit the market to date. I share it with everyone I know and am proud to be an ambassador for the Vasayo brand!”

Tina F

I have a friend who is a brand rep. He saw info online of my weight loss journey. We started talking about the products. I've been on sleeping pills since I was 16 years old almost 15 years. He asked if he could send me a sample of sleep l. I agreed He sent me some that might I used it and I slept amazing. I now take sleep instead of sleeping pills. I've now started on the V-slim and the core complete as well.

Van Womack

First Place Winner V-Slim Challenge – July 15, 2018

Being overweight has been a lifelong challenge for me, but I have finally found the solution. V-Slim is tasty and truly works. The proof is in the 82 pounds I have lost using V-Slim and other Vasayo products. This has restored my self-confidence and my drive, and I know my goal weight is within reach. I have confidence that I will be able to keep the weight off and maintain good health since V-Slim is a weight-management product. Thank you, Vasayo, for giving me my life back!

Nicole A.

"For years I would wake up every two hours; “Mom Ears” is what I call it. However, since taking MicroLife Sleep, I’ve been sleeping the full night—without feeling sedated or drowsy!"

Duchess S

I love Sleep Micromyst! Since college, it's like my body has been programmed to only be able to get four hours of sleep a night. Because of this, I’ve typically done some reading before I’ve gone to bed at 2 a.m. so I could wake up at 6 a.m. But, thanks to Sleep, I now get six solid hours of sleep!

Glen P

I apologized to a friend because I lost my train of thought twice . He recommended the Neuro Microcap to re-Nourish my brain. A little frustrated with myself I said sure, let's do it ! After 4 days of use I suddenly realized that the day seemed brighter to me , I felt fresh & alive and I was alert with planning a project mentally and able to recall various items I needed to get. YES SIR I give credit to the Neuro brain food to brighten my day- THANKS

Scott M.

“I’ve been taking Vasayo products since February 2017, and they have improved my overall health and well-being. MicroLife Renew helps a lot with recovery. Even after a solid “leg day” workout, I sleep well and feel recovered the next day. I believe these products and this company will change many lives!”

Mark K.

“Vasayo has truly changed my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. I have Autism and because of that haven’t really been able to hold a regular job. It’s been a great blessing to me and my mom since we’ve joined Vasayo. I have made multiple friends and love the camaraderie I feel being a part of Vasayo. I’ve also been blessed to be able to learn from my team and Dallin Larsen, as well as the other Corporate leaders. Vasayo is truly a legacy company. They really treat their Brand Partners as First Class!”

Julie B

I am impressed to say the least, and the energy boost is a bonus. My skin feels great.

Angelo O.

“Since I started using MicroLife Energy by Vasayo, my energy levels have been constant throughout the day—with no crashes in the afternoon—and my focus has been better than ever!”

Dulcee S

I noticed massive improvements in my chest area after two and a half weeks. I was mortified at how much aging was happening in that area.

Genni D.

“I always thought that I slept just fine; however, this MicroLife Sleep has allowed me to have the deepest, richest, most restful sleep every single night. I go to sleep in one position and wake up 6–8 hours later in the exact same position! I love this product and recommend it to everyone!”

Francoise U.

"MicroLife Renew has been a life-saver. I’m able to do things I haven’t been able to in years. Every morning, I’m up and ready to take on my day!"

Mark E.

“I must admit that I love all of the Vasayo products. I'm seeing positive results with all of them. But if I had to pick one that has blessed my life in a big way, I would have to say it’s MicroLife Sleep. I have had difficulty sleeping for as far back as I can remember. Since I started taking Sleep, I have been able to get into a deep sleep very quickly and wake up refreshed, and feeling fantastic!”

Ashley M. A.

Eternal is incredible. My skin is so soft now I’m not using any moisturizer on my face anymore.

JoAnne K.

“I’ve had trouble sleeping all my life. I would lay awake at night unable to clear my mind. Thoughts would race and never stop. Eventually, I would fall asleep exhausted and wake up to my alarm with only a couple of restless hours of tossing and turning. I would yawn throughout the day and struggle to stay awake. But now, with Sleep, I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night and wake up with no alarm needed. I feel so much better in my late 40s than I did even in my 20s.”

Ricky Duran

First Place Winner V-Slim Challenge - March 31, 2018

Vasayo really changed my life. I noticed I wasn’t happy when my friends would invite me out at night. I’d be excited to go and start throwing on my nice shirts, but they didn’t fit. The more shirts I tried on, the more I looked fat. Eventually, I didn’t even want to go out! V-Slim is like a dream come true. V-Slim made my cravings easier to handle and gave me the energy I needed to get things done. In fact, I now WANT to get things done because I’m not as tired as I was before. This product works. I feel great, and I have never been so happy with a product and company. I am a new man!

Brett and Candace

There are no words to describe how great this product has been for my husband and I.
I get pretty bad headaches this makes it so I can at least work.
My husband has back pain, sometimes so bad he can"t put on his shoes. He was willing to try the Renew for a few weeks. And now if I leave it where he can"t find it he is calling me or driving back home to take it.
Thank you Kathryn Anderson for giving us the samples.

Ryan B.

“Every morning, I am so amazed with MicroLife Sleep by Vasayo! Since I’ve been using this product, my life has taken so many great turns. I no longer stare at the ceiling for hours in frustration. I wake up energized. Vasayo has changed my life!”

Sherry C

I've been using Eternal for a couple of weeks and I do believe the age spots on my hands are fading.

Nicole A.

“I happen to be allergic to steroids and NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), so those were never an option for me. Naturally, I was excited at the prospect of what Renew could do. I took Renew for the first time on Valentine’s Day 2017, and fell in love! The next morning I could FEEL the difference. Feeling like a new woman, I went to see a personal trainer and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hurt afterward. My husband and mother both said, “Wait until tomorrow!” Well, tomorrow came, and I still felt great. Thanks to Renew, I am not only experiencing better flexibility and more productive workouts, but also a better quality of life!”

Timothea G.

“The first night I used MicroLife Sleep, I experienced a deep, restful sleep, and woke up without brain fog or feeling groggy. What a life changer!”

Ekaterina Schmierer

Third Place Winner V-Slim Challenge – July 15, 2018

For five years, I have been on this journey to lose all the weight I gained from my two pregnancies. When I started the V-Slim Challenge, I was very hopeful. It turns out I had more satisfying results than I could have ever imagined. V-Slim tastes delicious and suppresses my appetite, which gives me more time to plan out my meals and make healthier choices. Vasayo’s weight management products have taken me to the next level of health and fitness, and I will definitely continue to take these products in my daily regimen.

Dustin V.

I’ve been able to quit a multiple cup of coffee a day habit with V3 and I feel stronger longer while doing it! Also I have taken Vslim and Core Complete for 6 weeks and I have lost 21 pounds!! I feel great!!

Pam R.

“Thanks to MicroLife Renew, I am enjoying increased flexibility and mobility. I will not be without this product!”

Danielle Dyer

Third Place Winner V-Slim Challenge - March 31, 2018

In addition to taking V-Slim, which has helped tremendously to curb my cravings, I also worked out three to four days a week (25 minutes of cardio and 35 minutes of weight training). Thanks to V-Slim, I was able to maintain a 1,200-calorie-per-day diet with no sugar or wheat and without any crashes during the day. V-Slim is my new favorite staple in weight loss and weight management. Thank you, Vasayo, for helping me achieve the summer body I have been struggling to achieve for years.

Jackie P

This product is beyond words; feeling and seeing the difference is incredible! My skin has never looked and felt so good. I feel wonderful!

Mick K.

“MicroLife Sleep has helped me to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed and ready to go. Vasayo MicroLife products rock!”

Amy H.

“For years I have barely slept at all, and my health had started to take a hit for it. I owe everything to Brenda S. for introducing me to Vasayo and the healthy supplements they make. Sleep by Vasayo has been a life-saver for me. I now know what it’s like to sleep soundly and deeply, and wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested. Sleep is the best thing to happen to me, besides my kids.”

Dr. Tony S.

"I used to wake up feeling tired, fatigued, and with headaches. Now, thanks to MicroLife Sleep, I wake up feeling refreshed and energized!"

Yelena S

I was struggling to lose a few pounds and V-tox did it for me. I feel great overall.

Nicole Christians

Second Place Winner V-Slim Challenge - March 31, 2018

I hadn’t really put any effort into my Vasayo business until I participated in this challenge. Now, I feel confident in my love for Vasayo products because I’ve seen firsthand how they work for me. During the challenge, I drank two or three V-Slims a day. They are really convenient to carry in my purse, and they taste delicious. And, since you mix V-Slim with water, it also makes it so much easier to consume the right amount of water throughout the day. I could really tell that my cravings were gone. Stabilizing blood-sugar levels has a dramatic effect on the food choices you make when you’re hungry. I feel so much better about my body, and all my clothes fit better. The quality of the ingredients in V-Slim has a lot to do with the substantial weight I lost, and I can’t wait to share this product with many others.

Deedrian T

I’m so thankful for Eternal! I’ve noticed brightness in my skin, my eyelids lifted, and spots fading.

Kelly S.

“Sleep MicroMyst is AMAZING! I love all the products, but this one is my absolute favorite. Having worked shift work for years, my sleep rhythms were off, and I hadn’t slept through the night in 16 years…16 years! And then I discovered Sleep, which has been a life-changer for me. I feel so much better in the mornings now that my mind and body are finally getting some rest. I love love love these products!”

Laura A.

“Thanks to Vasayo, I feel truly alive again! After a near-death experience, I was lacking drive, motivation, and purpose. Then Vasayo entered my life. I am now connected to amazing leaders and the resources I need to join in Vasayo’s mission to bless a million lives. I have been given an incredible story to share with the world, and Vasayo has been the vehicle to help me reach people and influence their lives for good.”

Ashley A

My face has never been so soft since starting Eternal—and I’m not using any moisturizers. My wrinkles have diminished, and my face is glowing because of the nutrition.

Tina W

I lost several pounds in the month I took V-Tox.

Kimberly E. S.

Love my Eternal! My skin is much softer and brighter, and my deep wrinkles are not as deep anymore.

Nicole A.

“Taking Core Essentials makes me feel like I eat expensive, body-beneficial foods every day! I love how my clothes are fitting, and my energy levels are better than ever. Thank you, Vasayo!”

Monique P.

“Vasayo products amaze me every day! I’m in love with Renew and how my body feels when I take it. I also take Core Essentials every day…have for about two months now, and am very pleased with the results my body is experiencing from the nutrition this product provides. I am also super excited to be involved in the business opportunity with Vasayo and look forward to helping others feel better and succeed!”