Dr. James Baker

In an alternate universe, Vasayo’s very own Dr. Stephen Sabo might have been a famous sports announcer for one of his beloved New York teams!

Find out what else we learned about Dr. Sabo, an Attending Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Suffern, NY, in our latest Scientific Advisory Board member spotlight...

Why did you choose a career in medicine?
"I always looked up to my father, a thoracic surgeon and my role model. There was never a doubt I was going to medical school.”

What drew you to Emergency Medicine in particular?
"Some of my friends thought I went into Emergency Medicine to fit my career into my schedule of attending pro sports games. (I had tickets to most NY sports teams.) In reality, I liked the fast pace and the fact that I was able to take care of patients in all areas of medicine."

What are you most proud of when you think about your career as a doctor?
“I'm most proud of all the people I’ve been able to help over the past 25 years. We work as a team in the ER, and I’m very proud of how our team comes together especially when a sick patient arrives.”

What skill(s) are you still striving to perfect in your profession?
“I continue to strive for honesty and compassion in my practice. I am honest with patients, and if I don’t know the answer, I will say so and recommend a way to help them find the answer. Most importantly, I continue to have a caring attitude with patients and families.”

Why are you passionate about Vasayo?
“I love the products and the company. We have a crisis today with addiction to opiates and benzodiazepines (sleep medications). With our CBD One, Renew, and Sleep products we’re able to offer solutions.”

Why are liposomes such a difference maker?
“One of the main problems with supplements is they don’t get well absorbed. Liposomes are a game changer as they increase absorption; and we’re one of the few companies that use them with nutraceutical products!”

What is your favorite Vasayo product? And why should people be using it?
Renew. I take it to decrease inflammation and because I believe curcumin is good for everyone. Virtually all the speakers at the integrative healthcare symposium I attended this year mentioned that everyone should be taking it for its anti-inflammatory effects.”

Outside of medicine and Vasayo, what hobby or cause are you very passionate about?
“I’m an avid skier and a diehard NY Mets, NY Jets, and NY Knicks fan…and they disappoint me most of the time.”

If you didn’t choose medicine, what alternative career path would you have chosen?
“Fitting in with my sports interests, I would have been a sports announcer if I wasn’t a doctor. I used to do impersonations of famous sports announcers.”

What advice do you give people about maintaining their health?
“In my opinion the key to good health is good nutrition. It’s about eating healthy most of the time. Our family eats organic, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free foods most of the time. Think of it as a healthy lifestyle where you also treat yourself from time to time.”