Dr. Timothy Schneider

The youngest of three children and a Christian pastor's son, Dr. Timothy Schneider's mother was diagnosed with cancer when Dr. Schneider was just two years old. "Throughout my childhood, we children were farmed out to various families and relatives as my mother received multiple surgeries and radiation at Mayo Clinic," he recalls. "Fortunately, my mother lived until I was 22 years old, which was remarkable survival for those days." In the eighth grade, Schneider took an interest in health, wellness, and prevention seeking to avoid what his mother went through. "Back then, it was Adelle Davis, Euell Gibbons, and the Mother Earth News that promoted the 'grow-your-own' trend for health and self-sufficiency," he says. "My family doctor was the coolest and kindest person I knew as a child, so that is how I ended up wanting to be a doctor." We recently caught up with Dr. Schneider, a former chairman of the American Academy of Ophthalmology's Refractive Surgery Specialty Information Team and current member of the Vasayo Scientific Advisory Board, to learn more about what drives him and his passion for Vasayo. Here is what we learned...

Why ophthalmology?
"Ophthalmology is a specialty in which I can help restore vision when someone is suffering from cataracts, glaucoma, or refractive errors. The technology I utilize every day with lasers, ultrasound, and almost-sci-fi diagnostic equipment makes my profession undoubtedly the best in all of medicine. It's a fantastic feeling each time I am rewarded with a happy patient with 20/20 vision. Ten years ago I entered a fellowship-training program in anti-aging and regenerative medicine called A4M. This gave me the opportunity to gain insight into health, wellness, and prevention that allowed me to complete my passion in this area that I started in eighth grade."

What challenges do you face that keep you from being the most effective you can be in your job?
"Well, the good news is that fantastic technology continues to make it easier to diagnose and treat ophthalmic diseases. The bad news is that as healthcare resources become limited (Medicare), the use of these technologies becomes too expensive and, thus, many of my patients are unable to enjoy the fruits of this technology."

What opportunities do you see arising that will help you be more efficient as a medical professional?
"I am more interested in becoming more compassionate as a medical professional even though society says it's all about efficiency."

In what ways does nutritional technology play a role in your career?
"My passion for teaching health and wellness to my patients took a hiatus until I was introduced to Vasayo and liposomal technology. At that moment, the door opened to many ‘what-ifs' because we can achieve meaningful delivery of nutrients never achieved before."

Do you foresee nutritional technologies playing an even greater role in the field of medicine?
"Yes. With advanced delivery systems like Vasayo's liposome and enzyme-assisted delivery, nutrition will be at the forefront in disease prevention. I see Vasayo as a vehicle to decreasing the number of patients who will need their MDs in the future by enabling food to be our medicine. ‘Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.'—Hippocrates."

Why are you passionate about Vasayo?
"I am passionate about Vasayo because of the leadership, culture, and the fact that it represents people from all walks of life working together and creating meaningful friendships. The products are great as are the financial opportunities, but what life really comes down to is our relationships. That is really the only thing that matters, whether that relationship is with God, your family, or your co-workers. My Vasayo friends feel like my second family because the quality of people Vasayo attracts is extraordinary."

Why are liposomes such a difference maker?
"Liposomes allow our nature-based nutrients to gain access to our bodies' cells at a much greater degree than ever before. Food has lost much of its nutrition over the years because farmers were never rewarded for delivering us nutritious tomatoes, only tomatoes that looked good. Now we can deliver higher amounts of nutrients in a smaller-sized capsule, and technology has taught us how to mix and match nutrients to best benefit our bodies."

We know that Renew is one of your favorite products. Why should people be using it?
"Because I said so? ☺ Seriously though, it's because of two incredible molecules: resveratrol and curcumin. Just today, I was trying to figure out why I notice my heart having extra beats each time I eat a high-carbohydrate meal. This has been the case for a while, and I noticed thanks to the EKG function on my Apple 4 watch. I searched Google Scholar for my answer: when glucose in the blood goes up, O-linked N-acetylglucosamine modifies CaMKII. Besides avoiding high-carbohydrate meals, I asked myself if there was a natural inhibitor of CaMKII. So, I searched Google Scholar once again. Any guesses? Yup! Curcumin is a natural inhibitor of CaMKII! Should I be surprised? Heck no!

"Now, I know I've lost most of you; and, in fact, what I mentioned is not medical advice in any way but simply research. This molecule that comes from the turmeric plant is like a chameleon and does so many things to our cells depending on what cell it happens to be in. The good news about Renew is that most of you FEEL its effects and like it because of that. It shines as an intra-cellular scavenger and protector to keep us well. If we could only ‘feel' prevention, we would all be healthier; but we can't. So keep taking Renew (and all Vasayo products for that matter)."

What advice do you give people about maintaining their health?
"Weight control, exercise, sleep, drink tons of pure water, supplements from Vasayo, wise food choices, stress control, have more sex, work on maintaining social relationships, and last but not least, find a higher calling. Serve others. The greatest gift we own is ourselves. Give more of yourself away."