we support our veterans

transforming lives

At Vasayo, our vision is to transform lives physically, financially, spiritually, and socially through the superior delivery of products, business offering, and community…and our vision extends to communities and people from all walks of life, including the more than 20 million veterans and active duty military in the US and Canada.

In fact, we believe Vasayo offers a welcoming home for those who serve and have served—not only in the form of liposomal nutrition—but through our generous opportunity and accompanying Rewards Plan as well. And, because we love, value, and honor our brave veterans, we welcome them with arms extended into the Vasayo community through our Vasayo Veterans Program!


– Open to veterans and active duty military of either US or Canadian services, as well as their spouses (regardless of whether the veteran/active duty serviceperson works the business) who enroll in Vasayo either as a Brand Partner or Customer

– Free Enrollment Kit (value of $49.95)

– 10% discount on all product orders

– 10% discount on Vasayo Veterans branded apparel at VasayoStore.com


– Vasayo Veterans Trainings (Once-a-month Zoom Meeting)

– Hosted by Tim Stroud, former Army Combat Medic, Vasayo Brand Partner, & Vasayo Veterans Program Spokesperson


– Among the 325,000+ unemployed veterans, 54% are 25–54 years old.

– Sales, management, and healthcare are among the most common occupations chosen by veterans.

– In 2018, veterans with a service-related disability had an unemployment rate nearly 2% higher than the national rate.

Source: U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics: https://www.bls.gov/news.release/vet.nr0.htm