Your journey
to an abundant
life begins now!

As founding partners, we consider it a great honor that you have chosen to become part of the amazing community called Vasayo. We vow to do all in our power to put you in a position to win. Thank you for believing in us and yourself!

At Vasayo, you’ll find we are bolstered by a common thread of servant leadership from our exuberant Brand Partners all over the world to our dedicated employees at the corporate office. Our hope is that Vasayo will become a vehicle that enables you to better serve those within your family and circle of influence. We believe the more you serve others, the larger your business will become.

Our experiences have taught us to achieve success in any area of life, we must first define our personal vision. Next, we must put action and steadiness behind our vision. Our company’s vision statement is very clear and concise:

To bless 1 million lives physically, financially, spiritually, and socially through the superior delivery of products, business offering, and community.

We are also striving to create a community that feels like home for everyone; a place where everyone feels valued regardless of race, religion, or any other factor. All we ask is that you operate your Vasayo business with honesty and integrity.

Once again, we are honored you have chosen to partner with us in Vasayo and we look forward to meeting you soon along this journey toward an abundant life. We believe your best is yet to come!

Dallin Larsen

Founder & CEO

Karree Larsen


Daniel Picou

Co-Founder & President

Dan Zhu

Co-Founder & President of Asia-Pacific

3 steps to getting started

  • The app is your daily tool for sharing videos, PDFs, product samples, and more with prospects.

  • Familiarize yourself with the videos and documents in the “Favorites” section, as you will use them frequently.

  • The Learn feature is where you’ll start (look for the graduation cap icon in the bottom menu).

  • This is a fun, easy, and gamified way to learn about Vasayo products and Liposomal technology.

  • Here you’ll also be able to complete the 8-step Vasayo Action Plan (VAP), which brings us to step two.


  • The foundation for a successful business is built through a proven model.

  • The VAP is that proven model.

  • Created by our top earners, you’ll learn how to build a thriving business in eight simple steps.

  • Knowledge is nice. Action turns dreams into reality.

  • Develop your own method for sharing Vasayo by watching “Vasayo Presentations,” recordings of fellow Brand Partners demonstrating how they share Vasayo with prospects.

  • Vasayo App > Business Resources > Videos


Here are just some of the tools you will use most often in your business. They are available:

  1. on the app to preview and share with prospects,

  2. on the Vasayo Store for purchase, or

  3. in your back office to preview or download.


Simple, duplicatable, and fun, the Vasayo Presentation is the wayto share the potential rewards of sayingyes to Vasayo.


A quick and easy way to introduce your prospects to our 5-star opportunity. Pique their interest now; present the full rewards when they’re ready.


Created by Vasayo’s top income earners, this booklet teaches the proven steps to building a successful business.


With Vasayo, you have the opportunity to earn generous income and exciting travel. These are the 8 Ways to Earn.


When your new enrollees choose the right enrollment packs, they begin their journey to reaching the rank of Gold Executive and earning money while they sleep.

Helping You Build Your Vasayo Business

and so much more!